“‘The Promise of Water’ is as graceful as it is powerful —
a bracing and heart-breaking plunge into the mystery of identity, the boundlessness of love.”

How I landed a literary agent – Part Two

Today, I am wrapping up my two-part series, “How I landed a literary agent.” If you have not read Part One, it’s worth going back to read, especially if you are an aspiring author who is getting ready to query agents or is currently in the midst of this exciting,… 

How I landed a literary agent – Part One

Blogging has not been a “thing” for me lately. Leaving my job at the university – that was a thing in the last year or so. Going out on my own and starting a marketing and communications agency with five of my most respected and talented colleagues – that was… 

“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners…”

Last month, I shared the news that I had won Gotham Writers’ Workshop Very Short Story Contest. I couldn’t believe that out of more than 1,200 entries, Gotham chose my little ten-word story as winner. Best of all was that Gotham, New York’s acclaimed creative writing school, offered me a free… 

Is it time to pop the question to your writing?

Finding time to write. It’s the age-old complaint of writers everywhere. Pick your excuse du jour. I’m too busy… I have a full-time job… I have children. Multiple children. They’re constantly re-enacting High School Musical 3 at the top of their lungs. Asking “Why?” Needing my love and attention and things… 

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